The art of appearing to be what you aspire to be.


  1. Vault because it implies authenticity and security. Great qualities for selling memorabilia. Wolfgang was Bill Graham's name when he first arrived in America.
  2. Oxenrose Hair Salon. The design is based on the juxtaposition of the two imageries that form the name of the salon, oxen and rose. Beauty and the beast.
  3. It was previously known as New Media Creative, which was somewhat generic. Their new location at South Park lent a name with more character and charm.
  4. This is a department in the Industrial Light and Magic at Lucasfilm. It specializes in special effects for the advertising market. The 3 C's depict moving pictures.
  5. This image of the Band was used on all the collaterals
  6. Transparent Theater = accessibility and social interaction. The logo is made up of four transparent T's, connecting to form a stage with no apparent walls.