Packaging Design

The art in package design is to create the appealingĀ promise of what the product is to deliver. But first, the consumer has to pick it up from the shelf, that is the art of drawing attention by disturbing the mindset.
Portfolio photos by Jesse Kumin


  1. Prince of Persia
    All marketing aspects remaining the same, this product tripled in sales when it was repackaged in this design.
  2. Havoc
    A post-apocalyptic computer battle game
  3. Wolfpack
    A submarine naval battle computer game
  4. Flying Colors
    A children's computer painting program
  5. Asciiware
    3d Controller
  6. Spectre
    A battle tank computer game
  7. Buehler Vineyards
    Premium line of red wines
  8. Buehler Vineyards
    Premium line of white wines
  9. Bon Marche
    A line of value wines
  10. Buehler Vineyards
    A line of premium wines
  11. DelSol Quartet: Tear CD
    To differentiate this cd from other classical ones, the overall look is rendered unconventionally edgy for this genre of music; it is more like that of industrial rock.